Some of the issues which cause people to seek Relationship Counselling are:

  Poor communication                                        Addiction

  Arguments                                                          Loss and Bereavement

  Separation                                                           Difficult family relationships

  Affairs                                                                  Financial problems

  Sexual difficulties                                              Domestic abuse              

  Mental Health                                                    Infertility

  Low self esteem                                                 Jealousy                        

  Parenting issues                                                Coping with chronic illness

  Life stage adjustments


Life for most people today is very busy and the pressures of juggling conflicting priorities can often feel overwhelming. It can be helpful to talk things through with an experienced professional who is independent and will not judge. Counselling will not tell you what to do but will support you to explore your situation and choices and empower you to find the best way forward.

Counselling is completely confidential.